Jamie has been providing regular acupuncture treatments for me over the last year, and the changes have been profound.  I have osteoarthritis and severe cartilage loss in my knees, and was having trouble walking any distance, unable to find a comfortable sleeping position, extreme pain when climbing stairs, and had a general ‘heaviness’ and throbbing in my legs.   I admit that I was skeptical going into this, as well as having a needle phobia, but was desperate for some relief.   I started noticing the changes after 2 or 3 treatments, and within a couple of months I realized that I wasn’t in nearly as much pain when walking, was sleeping comfortably, was not avoiding stairs any longer, and my legs no longer throbbed at the end of the day.  The arthritis is still there, and I can tell that most of my knee cartilage is gone, but the pain is manageable at this point.  I’m not even thinking about knee replacement and I am able to walk greater distances and bike for hours.

S. Huebner, Wells Fargo

Jamie Hicks is a knowledgeable master of his art. I’ve gone to many massage therapists and none understand the body like he does. I was suffering from a back injury and piriformis syndrome and after trying many different alternatives, I found Jamie. He was the only one able to help me walk normally again and put me on a road towards recovery. He was also able to complement his massage therapy treatment with acupuncture to optimize the healing process. On top of Jamie’s professional knowledge, you get the sense that what drives him to do what he does is helping people. While Jamie’s schedule is extremely busy, he was always patient and accommodating. I have and would recommend Jamie to anyone who wants someone make a difference in how they feel.

R. Huynh, Target

The work with Jamie was transforming. Within an hour, I felt grounded, calm, and full of strength. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. His healing work is truly a gift.

G. Byron Griffiths, GBG Photography

You were such an important part of keeping me on my bike for the entire RRR (Red Ribbon Ride….300 miles in 4 days) – Thanks!

J. Windschitl, Federal Reserve

Jamie is my massage therapist.  He is excellent!  I am going to him now for a combination of acupuncture and massage.  Jamie is very intuitive and he uses this intuition and his extensive training to design a therapeutic experience specifically for your body/mind.  I recommend him wholeheartedly.

J. Pigate, Red Ribbon Ride